Fiery Moose Nuggets

To all of the great Dad’s out there..Happy Father’s Day! I have a great appetizer recipe to share with you all! I’m afraid I can’t take the credit for this one though. This recipe was created by Jeff Sturm from Grand Junction, Colorado! These are so yummy… I will warn you ahead of time, you won’t stop with just one! ~Enjoy!

Fiery Moose Nuggets

1 lb. Jalapeno Peppers 3” long
8 oz. cream cheese
2 Tbls. Zesty Moose No Moosteak Grill n’ Rub
5-6 strips of bacon


First, mix the cream cheese with The Zesty Moose No Moosteak Grill n’ Rub.

Cut the stem end off of the jalapenos and core out the meat and seeds from inside of pepper.

Fill the inside of the pepper with the cream cheese mixture.

Cut the bacon into 1/3 strips and wrap it over the pepper opening, to prevent cream cheese from coming out during grilling.

Using a toothpick, attach the bacon to the pepper by putting it through the center of the pepper.

A pepper holder comes in handy, but if you don’t have one, you can lay them directly on the grill at 325 degrees (low heat) for 20-25 minutes or until bacon is crisp. If using the grill method you will need to turn them once.

Tip: If you remove all of the meat and seeds from the inside of the pepper, they will not be hot. If you are brave, leave some in!

Serves 12-16


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