The Loop – Manitou Springs, Colorado

During the summer we have the opportunity to travel quite a bit in doing festivals, shows and farmers’ markets throughout this beautiful State of Colorado! Every now and then, we stumble upon some pretty unique and tasty little taverns. Here is another little great place centrally located in Manitou Springs, Colorado called; The Loop. They have award winning margaritas and authentic Mexican food. Their fajitas are the most popular dish served, but I ordered the Crab & Shrimp Enchiladas in a white wine sauce and it was delightful!!

There is a little bit of history behind The Loop as it was built in 1903. The restaurant got it’s name because it was the last stop for the trolley. The trolley looped around the building at the corner of Ruxton and Manitou Avenue, and back to Colorado Springs. The Loop was expanded in 1933 and has been remodeled many times since then. The room with the fire place was the old piano bar and the rest of the building was used for dining. Wild game was killed and brought in from the mountains. They served deer, elk, cougar, wild turkey, bear and many other wild delights, all barbequed out back. The barbeque is still there but not in use today. Illegal gambling was practiced upstairs. Many gold and silver barons have eaten at this restaurant.


Having won over 30 awards for their margaritas, wait staff, food and decor it’s no wonder The Loop has become one of the best known restaurants in Colorado!
If you find yourself at the foot of Pikes Peak and Manitou Springs, Colorado be sure to visit The Loop! Relax and Enjoy the world’s largest margarita and authentic Mexican cuisine!!


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