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Spiced Citrus n’ Honey Glazed Carrots


I love carrots, especially the little baby one’s…These beauties are so sweet; right out of the bag! I decided to pair up these orange gems with our Spiced Citrus n’ Honey Finishing Butter Blend! This recipe is worth a try…Easy, Healthy and Affordable! The dish is perfect along side any weeknight dinner, but fancy enough for a dinner party or holiday meal. You can bet this dish will be served on our Easter dinner table! If you want the kiddos to try it, you might want to entice them a bit with a little brown sugar on top. You can also add the brown sugar when finishing the glaze, right before serving!

Spiced Citrus n’ Honey Glazed Carrots


1 lb. baby carrots
4 T. prepared Spiced Citrus n’ Honey Finishing Butter
¼ C. brandy (orange juice may be used as a substitute)
black pepper to taste
brown sugar for topping (optional)



In a heavy skillet, place 2 T. of the prepared Spiced Citrus n’ Honey Finishing Butter. Place carrots into a pan on high heat and continue to stir, until carrots are caramelized in color. Remove carrots from skillet and set aside.

Reducing Glaze

Turn heat to medium and add the brandy. Allow to evaporate, then add the remainder of the prepared butter.


When butter is melted, add the carrots back to the pan, add the black pepper and cover and continue cooking for 5 minutes, until carrots are done, and glaze is thick.


Place in a serving dish and sprinkle with brown sugar.


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