Storing Cilantro

Storing Cilantro


Putting in Paper

1. Place one cut square piece of paper in the bottom of the Ziploc container.
2. Next, remove the tie that secures the cilantro into a bunch and discard.

Twisting Off
3. Carefully tear or cut off the stems from the cilantro leafs and discard stems.

In the Container
4. Now, place the entire bunch into the container and cover with a lid.

Storing Cilantro
Store it in the upper crisper drawer of the refrigerator. You need to change out the paper every 4 days or so. The paper retains the moisture and keeps the cilantro fresh for up to 3 weeks! You may have to pick out a few bad pieces
each time but most of it will keep. Do not use a paper towel, as I have not had favorable results in doing so. (The paper is the trick)!


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