My name is Diana, Welcome to my little corner on the web…

I am very proud to say that I am a native of the beautiful State of Colorado! My roots are planted on the Front Range and surrounding cities of Denver. Although I sometimes miss certain aspects of a big city; I do not miss the urban lifestyle I left behind. I met my wonderful husband Brian here and together we make our home on the Western Slope of Grand Junction, Colorado. Surrounded by the Grand Mesa, The Colorado National Monument and the lofty San Juan Mountains, Colorado is for those who love the outdoors and that is me! In my spare time I can be found running, hiking the trails, camping, biking and often capturing the most beautiful sunsets from behind the camera lens. Wildlife is abundant here and the Grand Mesa is home to a self-sustaining population of moose, which I love. Colorado is also home to several award winning wines, micro brews and fine dining! I enjoy cooking, and it was my mother who taught me the basics early on; so I consider myself very comfortable and confident in the kitchen. I also enjoy writing and photography so I feel very blessed to have an opportunity to do all three; right here on this food blog. Brian is definitely the Grill Master around here! We recently purchased our first smoker so he is busy learning the culinary technique of smoking meats.

In early 2007, I started reading the fine print on food labels and all of the ingredients that were listed on the products I was buying and then consuming. Most everything contained one or more of the following; additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers or MSG. The majority of these products contained what I would define as chemicals, something I would not cook with at home, and usually were items I couldn’t even pronounce. Making healthier choices when it comes to our food is a priority. In 2007, I created a brand of quality products and recipes that are easier, healthier and more affordable without sacrificing flavor! Today, The Zesty Moose culinary line is for busy families and appeals to both the beginner home cook and the sophisticated food enthusiast. My knowledge comes from a great deal of reading, research and people who have inspired me both personally and professionally. 

The purpose of this food blog is to provide you with original recipes that have been created for our products. Recipes will incorporate the use of fresh ingredients and will be suitable for everyday cooking use. Cooking at home is not only more economical than eating out, it is healthier and it’s fun! I have always believed that the kitchen is a place where everyone feels at home. I think that is because food is comfort. The aroma, the presentation and great friends and family all inspire that.

All of the recipes are originals, and have been created specifically for our products, unless specified otherwise. All of the photos on this site have been taken by me. My hope is that many of you will try our products and recipes, share them with others, and have fun creating something healthy for your friends and family to enjoy.

~From my Kitchen to Yours!


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