Giveaways and Product Reviews – If you have a product that is a good fit for The Zesty Moose and our readers, please contact us. We can host a review and/or giveaway on our site.

Brand/Product Promoter – Have The Zesty Moose represent your brand. This can be done through blog posts, Facebook, or Twitter.

Recipe Development – Have a need for recipe development or want to improve or update your recipe? Creating recipes is my specialty. If you need advice, tips or want me to review try/test a recipe I would love to work with you! I am capable of creating proprietary, unique, healthy and delicious recipes for personal or professional needs in the Specialty Food Industry.

Food Photography and Plating – Please contact The Zesty Moose if you need a little creativity to make your food look better! Plating goes a long way! Good quality photos and lighting are key factors in capturing those appetizing dishes through the lens.

Can I post one of your recipes on my blog/website?

If you have adapted the recipe (meaning changed the recipe) yes! I just ask that you please make sure and rewrite the directions so they are not my exact wording. Please give proper credit by providing a link back to my blog post for the recipe. Do not copy and paste my exact recipe. Google search engines will ding both of our sites for duplicate content…So Just Don’t Do It! Please take your own photos as well.

Food and Wine Pairing – I am a wine enthusiast and I have 4 years of experience in the wine industry.If you need assistance with food and wine pairings for private or corporate use please contact me. I am also available to do cooking classes, store demos and tastings at your location.



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